Week Eleven – Activity – Fiber Art

I am not the most artistic person so when I had to create wall art naturally, I went to Michael’s. When I first saw these fixtures I thought that is something I would definitely buy and love but not something I would make, or could make. With that in mind I walked the store with high hopes and got what I could get.


I picked colors I thought went well and tried to use my creative thoughts to create something passable. I was not frustrated with it and I had quite a bit of fun, the only surprising thing was how much time it took because it definitely didn’t look like it took time. I got lucky with how easy the materials were to use and it did make me want to get one of the actual ones even more. I love doing crafts but I don’t do them well and this was a perfect example, I had a great time doing it and it did not come out well.



Week Eleven – Extra Credit Geocache

IMG_6567  IMG_6569 IMG_6573

This week I went off to find my classmates geocaches. It was actually pretty fun because I was actually able to find these. I started at the school and found these three. The first was hundreds of feet of from the coordinates and if it was not for the comment section I don’t think I would’ve been able to find it and it was a really cool find. The second one I found I thought had a really clever hint but I don’t want to give it away so I’ll leave the link for you to find it. The last one at the school was hidden in such plain sight which I always appreciate because hundreds of people can walk by it each day having no idea.

In order of the pictures:

1.) https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC6618J&title=csulb-altoids-container

2.) https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC662MT&title=Nebraska

3.) https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC662GK&title=fire-hydrant&guid=2dcd8dec-dd06-4559-b298-9b3771273b22

IMG_6580 IMG_6583

I then moved on from the school and travelled two miles away to find another two geocaches. The first one someone was sitting on which made it a little awkward but I found it and the tiny book for logging inside was beyond adorable. Then the most exciting one was the last one that introduced me to something I did not know even existed and you should really check it out. I had a lot more fun this week, especially knowing it was my classmates caches. I definitely got plenty of cardio too.

4.) https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC666JT&title=treasure-in-benches&guid=ee80c33e-8a03-4b87-baad-40150f3f73f8

5.) https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC666B5&title=miniature-house&guid=c5c51753-393c-45ef-bd7d-b4366803b993

Week Eleven – Classmate Conversation – Donna Tang


This week I had the pleasure of getting to know a little more about my classmate Donna Tang. She is originally from San Diego which is a couple hours from the school and she came to long beach to attend college. She is a fourth year who is double majoring in social work and Chinese studies. Double majoring has always sounded like such a daunting thing to me but I have come to learn it is doable. Some of her hobbies include playing guitar, boarding, biking, and reading theology books. She sounded so active to me which I can really appreciate because sometimes I can feel so lazy and I love to see people getting out and doing things. Her favorite work so far was this weeks exhibit “So Many Me’s” by Kathy Yoon. She found it to be adorable work (as do I). As for tattoos, she has one herself and found the design on pinterest so obviously she does not think you have to be involved with the creating process. She doesn’t think it needs to be unique to be awesome and that not all of us are that creative. And in my opinion, you said it sister. I feel people feel so much pressure to not have a “basic” tattoo which if it makes you happy who cares? If you want to check her out her website is donnatangblog.wordpress.com which you totally should because she is pretty awesome.

Week Eleven – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

IMG_6542 IMG_6543 IMG_6544

This week in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, I got to see “So Many Me’s” by Kathy Yoon. This exhibit showed many small figures that each depicted a different emotion in their own unique way. This show really brought me back to my younger days in middle school because the statues reminded me of a cartoon called “Pon and Zi”. I used to draw them all the time and that was cool. They are made of porcelain clay, white rose paper clay, underglaze, and yarn. They consist of only black, white, and some red because she felt more colors would take away from the emotions she wanted to convey.

Yoon is inspired by Tim Bourton which I totally see in her work. I think that is awesome because I love him as well. She fell in love with ceramics when she took a class in college, she was originally a math major. These type of characters allow her to convey her emotions, or the emotions of people she has met. She wants to share her personality through these figures and if people can relate to these characters she feels she accomplished what she sought out to do.

I feel Yoon should feel accomplished in her work through me because I definitely connected to it on a different level. It took me back to a younger place in my life and I felt her inspiration which also related with me. A lot of these figures were either negative or goofy which I can relate to the goofy. A couple made me giggle and I enjoyed where they took me mentally, and I feel I had a special connection with this show. You can see her stuff and check her out on instagram @kathy.c.yoon

Week Ten – Activity – Game Design

IMG_6499 IMG_6504

This weeks activity was fun in hindsight but definitely frustrating in practice. I started with my altoids box of fun little knick knacks and went on my marry way to the first location to look for a cache… four locations later I actually got one that was there. In total I spent a little over an hour and a half looking and searching around Downey. The second to last location was promising because of the activity feed on the app but wasp nests and the literal dozens of spiders (pictured below) made me give up after about a half hour. My last location was an extremely easy find thank god, but there was a HUGE spider to get past in order to get it. It was really fun to find and felt really satisfying after all my trials and tribulations but all the frustrating caches before burned me a little. This adult secret scavenger hunt is a great idea and I think I will still do it from time to time but I think I will take a short break after this excursion.

IMG_6502 IMG_6500

As for the posting my cache to the website I am still desperately trying but to no avail. I have tried signing in with information I know is correct, changing my sign in info, and creating an entirely new account but I think the website must be having problems. I really want my effort to be put to good use for a fellow cacher’s satisfaction. I will continue to try so my cache can participate in next weeks extra activity as well. Updates to follow.

Week Ten – Artist Conversation – Thomas Cressman

IMG_6480 IMG_6482This week I got to see Thomas Cressman’s Living Forms exhibit in the Gatov – East gallery. He is currently in his fifth year here at CSULB and is majoring in metal work. His work is beautifully made from metal which honestly made it hard for me to wrap my head around how he created such amazing shapes from such seemingly unshapable material. He specifically uses steel, brass, and copper. He said he uses metal because him to have control and create his own living forms. It was also surprising how he could create such smooth almost soft pieces from a more naturally sharp and stiff material. I love the ocean and anything that has to do with it, especially the sea life, so when I walked in and saw the coral and mollusk pieces I fell in love.

He started creating art while he was in middle school. He is inspired by the scientific aspect of nature like the specific features to them and their behaviors. Him being from Seal Beach makes sense as to why he would be interested in sea life. It took him about a month to create each piece. His favorite was a coral piece made from copper placed in the center of the room. It turned blue because of the ammonium in the copper which I thought was awesome. Science is truly amazing. He wants his spectators to take away an understanding of these pieces from his perspective of the natural world.

Personally, I absolutely love these pieces because it really resonates with my love of ocean creatures. It interests me how scientifically he looks at these creatures because I feel that isn’t a common perspective of art. It definitely made me look at art from a different perspective because I feel that I naturally look from a more conceptual point of view but looking more scientifically is a fun new way. Unfortunately he does not have a website for you to view his artwork.