Week Fifteen – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez


This week in the Werby Gallery Lourdes Martinez showcased one of her very unique pieces from her show “Figment”. The materials used were wood forming the base, glass, and what looked like paper in the glass. Immediately I was reminded of stained glass or color swatches because of the different colored squares. This piece looked like something a rich house would have placed in their wall with a spot light, it just reads sophisticated to me.

Lourdes is a senior at CSULB and is majoring in photography. She was inspired by a picture she saw from NASA that is of Earth from very, very far away. She wanted to bring to our attention how insignificant our planet and lives are and this picture truly depicts how what may seem like our “whole world” is just a white dot when placed in another scale. This picture was taken in 1990 and she found it on google, she took a picture of it with her camera, printed it out, glued it to a transparency, and placed it in the glass.

I am taking astronomy this semester so coincidentally our insignificance in comparison to space has been on my mind a lot lately. Whenever I think about it I have to force myself to think of other things because it truly baffles me. I love that at first glance you would not know the weight that this piece carries but once explained it is an explosion of realization and thought. We as human beings need a reality check from time to time and this is honestly a ten on the scale of reality checks. It basically reminds you to not get too big for your britches but it is not belittling you or putting you down. Unfortunately, she does not have a website which really makes me sad because off of just this one piece she is an artist I will be talking about for a while.


Week Fifteen – Classmate Conversation – George Estephan and Jaquelyn Tester


This week for our classmate conversation we got to meet two people but one of which could be someone we met before. I decided to ask my friend Jaquelyn if her and her friend that I knew she had in the class would like to meet at the galleries and talk and she agreed. I thought that first I would cover my new friend and then get back to my friend Jaquelyn. His name is George Estephan and is pictured in the center. He is nineteen years old and lives in Downey, which I do too. I think it is so funny how many people live in the same city as me and I have never seen them before. He commutes to school and is a second year. He is currently undeclared and worried because he is running out of time and has no idea what he wants to commit to. He is very creative and wants to stick with that, something like fashion design or cosmetology which I think would fit him well. Other options he is considering is communication studies or psychology but he is still unsure. He loves music and actually works on his own and has his own album he finishing called The Revelation. This work includes production, lyric writing, and recording. It is about his experiences such as, religion, lies, love, sex, etc. I am really curious to hear what it sounds like. He really likes the shows botched and my strange addiction which I LOVE and we were stuck on that for a while. Like I have to ask everyone he has four cats, two of which that are old family cats, one which they rescued, and one that just showed up and stayed with them which is awesome. The biggest form of art that has impacted his life is definitely music which is an obvious choice because of what he does. He has some of his music and more information on his website so if you want to check him out it is, https://georgeestephan.wordpress.com/

Now onto Jaquelyn, since I already knew her we got much more in depth. While Jackie was growing up she has always been inspired by her mom who was the one who encouraged her to be a nurse. She works twelve hour shifts as a clinical manager and manages to be an amazing mother to her and her two brothers, one of which is severely autistic. I find that extremely noble and quite amazing, my nephew is autistic and having a child with a disability takes a special kind of person. I was asking her about growing up and memories and she said that one of her favorite memories has to be when she got a viking award in high school for the best academics in math. Out of the 4000 students she was the best and that was a moment she truly felt proud as she should. Another thing she is proud of herself for is the fact that she went skydiving. I have always wanted to do that so I was very jealous and eager to hear everything about it. We spoke about traveling and she has been to the Philippines, Mexico, and Costa Rica and aspires to travel everywhere. If she had to eat one food for the rest of her life it would be chicken, which with no offense is not what I would pick. We traded scar stories and she has one on her hand from her dog pulling her to the ground in the SEACCA parking lot. She also has a scar on her knee from when she was younger she was running through her house and fell onto a cracked tile which sounds like a something that I would do. Lastly, what we talked about was was what form of art has had the biggest impact on her and she said it is photography,which if you go on her website,  http://jacquelyntester.co/, you could see. It is calming and focuses her which I can always admire a person who has a serious passion.

There was a lot to say this week but it is only because I met two amazing people who were so interesting I could not leave much out. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

Week Thirteen – Classmate Conversation – Kelvin Japco


This week I got to know my classmate Kelvin. The reason I decided to talk to him was because my friend says that he looks like my boyfriend which I didn’t really see it but it gave me incentive to talk to him. I didn’t bring it up but I just asked my usual questions. He is from Cerritos and commutes to school. He is a second year and is undeclared. He thinks he wants to be a business major because that is what his family does. In his spare time he likes to play basketball and played for his high school team. He also likes to play golf, go to the beach, hang out with his friends, and he recently started dabbling in djing. He works at a park in Cerritos and I work at a park in Carson which got us talking about a lot of things. When I asked him if his definition of art has changed since thirteen weeks ago, he said,  before he did not really have a very large opinion on art but now his eyes have been opened to a new  world or art. Anyways a few days later I showed my boyfriend this picture because I remembered my friend said he looked like him and it just so turns out he is his cousin! Small world for sure. He is a cousin he hardly ever sees so that is why I haven’t met him yet. If you want to check out my new found future in law, his website is https://kelvinjapco.wordpress.com/.

Week Thirteen – Artist Conversation – Tyler Turett

This week in the Gatov-East gallery I got to see Tyler Turett’s exhibit.  Tyler is an animator and makes awesome storyboards and figures. He does mostly all digital art using photoshop. His figure was made of clay and wire. His storyboards remind me of cartoon series I’ve seen on youtube which is pretty cool. He also talked about how he had to create flipbooks for a class where you had to draw hundreds of tiny changes and flip through making it move.

He started at a community college and transferred to CSULB and this is his last semester here. Tyler got into animation two years ago and from what I have heard it is not an easy subject. With his art you would think differently because how far he has come in just two years is very impressive. He has a variety of characters with a wide range of plot lines which has always fascinated me because I can’t come up with once interesting plot line let alone multiple. He is inspired by the Disney animation he saw as a child, he felt that much more can go with animation rather than drawings and paintings because they can have voices and personality. He said that if he can get his audience to laugh then he has accomplished what he set out to do.

Tyler was very adamant on the personality that animation can portray and I could feel  it just from the snap shots of the characters. I feel he is really fulfilling his goals because I can see and feel what he wants his audience to gain without him saying anything. Him speaking just solidified it. I think animation has a special place in many people’s hearts because everyone I know grew up on cartoons and for the most part still watches them. Between adult cartoons like family guy here in the U.S. and Japan popularizing anime, animation is more relevant in our adult lives than ever. I would love continue to see his work and you would too, so if you decide to his website is http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation.

Week Twelve – Activity – Eportfolio

It has been twelve weeks now since I have started posting on this website and I have yet to figure out what I want to do exactly with this site. Overall, I think it is important to keep this website professional while still representing me because what I imagine is a future employer googling my name and this website coming up. So, in accordance to that, I will only post content I think a future boss would deem appropriate as well as changing my website to look more pristine. I first started with a bright and simple page. IMG_6767

Although these are my favorite colors it is not the image I want to present for myself to the world, so I then went through the themes and chose what I still loved while looking more professional.


Once the semester is over I  plan to post things here and there about activities I do and my continued schooling.

Week Twelve – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

This week in the Gatov West gallery I got the pleasure of seeing Christopher Linquata’s showing Sacred and Profane. It felt like walking into a photography exhibit because it seemed to be the same people being painted in the same location. I don’t feel you normally see that in paintings and the photographic feel made it extremely unique. He enjoys using a variety of colors and multiple brushes. These paintings were so vivid and life like you felt like you were there or standing behind the camera.

He has such a unique way of painting that when he doesn’t like what he has done he will simply paint over it. I’ve never heard of people painting that way. He also will draw with charcoal an outline of what he wants to paint and personally I love the way sketches look and I would probably want his original stages of painting just as much as the finished product. He said his inspiration is space as well as Renaissance paintings. He said in order to get every detail of the paintings you have to look really close. He wants his audience to get inspiration to try something new and enjoy what they’re doing. I think that’s really nice and thoughtful.

I love how personal his art is because he includes his family and people he knows which I think it takes it to a new level. Also the feeling of being there in the picture is amazing. It almost reminds me of Blue’s Clues where you can hop into a painting and that gives it a personal feeling on my level. If you want to check out his work Christopher’s instagram is @icla5350.

Week Twelve – Classmate Conversation – Jacquelyn Tester


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jacquelyn Tester. Oddly enough we’ve lived in the same city for the greater part of our lives and never met. She is a second year nursing student and wants to be an ICU nurse and then hopefully a nurse anesthetist. She lived in Downey, which I still live in, and she moved to Buena Park. She wants to live in California her whole life and practice medicine here. She attended a private catholic school most of her life then switched to public high school in ninth grade. She described it as a culture shock going from one setting to a drastically different one. Between the sheer size and sudden choice of clothing I could imagine the feeling. She recently stopped working at Forever 21 and is looking for a job now. As I ask everyone I asked if she had animals and I would love to meet her four year old basset hound, named Layton and have a play date with my puppy. In her free time she like photography, playing guitar with her boyfriend who is helping her learn, and watching movies. The color that calms her is blue because it seems most aesthetically pleasing. Red is the color that brings the most out of her and she said it might be because it was shown to make you feel hungry and she also thought that is probably why most food places signs are red. If you want to learn more about her you should check out her website, http://jacquelyntester.co/, and she’s pretty awesome so I highly suggest you do.