Week Fifteen – Classmate Conversation – George Estephan and Jaquelyn Tester


This week for our classmate conversation we got to meet two people but one of which could be someone we met before. I decided to ask my friend Jaquelyn if her and her friend that I knew she had in the class would like to meet at the galleries and talk and she agreed. I thought that first I would cover my new friend and then get back to my friend Jaquelyn. His name is George Estephan and is pictured in the center. He is nineteen years old and lives in Downey, which I do too. I think it is so funny how many people live in the same city as me and I have never seen them before. He commutes to school and is a second year. He is currently undeclared and worried because he is running out of time and has no idea what he wants to commit to. He is very creative and wants to stick with that, something like fashion design or cosmetology which I think would fit him well. Other options he is considering is communication studies or psychology but he is still unsure. He loves music and actually works on his own and has his own album he finishing called The Revelation. This work includes production, lyric writing, and recording. It is about his experiences such as, religion, lies, love, sex, etc. I am really curious to hear what it sounds like. He really likes the shows botched and my strange addiction which I LOVE and we were stuck on that for a while. Like I have to ask everyone he has four cats, two of which that are old family cats, one which they rescued, and one that just showed up and stayed with them which is awesome. The biggest form of art that has impacted his life is definitely music which is an obvious choice because of what he does. He has some of his music and more information on his website so if you want to check him out it is, https://georgeestephan.wordpress.com/

Now onto Jaquelyn, since I already knew her we got much more in depth. While Jackie was growing up she has always been inspired by her mom who was the one who encouraged her to be a nurse. She works twelve hour shifts as a clinical manager and manages to be an amazing mother to her and her two brothers, one of which is severely autistic. I find that extremely noble and quite amazing, my nephew is autistic and having a child with a disability takes a special kind of person. I was asking her about growing up and memories and she said that one of her favorite memories has to be when she got a viking award in high school for the best academics in math. Out of the 4000 students she was the best and that was a moment she truly felt proud as she should. Another thing she is proud of herself for is the fact that she went skydiving. I have always wanted to do that so I was very jealous and eager to hear everything about it. We spoke about traveling and she has been to the Philippines, Mexico, and Costa Rica and aspires to travel everywhere. If she had to eat one food for the rest of her life it would be chicken, which with no offense is not what I would pick. We traded scar stories and she has one on her hand from her dog pulling her to the ground in the SEACCA parking lot. She also has a scar on her knee from when she was younger she was running through her house and fell onto a cracked tile which sounds like a something that I would do. Lastly, what we talked about was was what form of art has had the biggest impact on her and she said it is photography,which if you go on her website,  http://jacquelyntester.co/, you could see. It is calming and focuses her which I can always admire a person who has a serious passion.

There was a lot to say this week but it is only because I met two amazing people who were so interesting I could not leave much out. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.


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