Week Twelve – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

This week in the Gatov West gallery I got the pleasure of seeing Christopher Linquata’s showing Sacred and Profane. It felt like walking into a photography exhibit because it seemed to be the same people being painted in the same location. I don’t feel you normally see that in paintings and the photographic feel made it extremely unique. He enjoys using a variety of colors and multiple brushes. These paintings were so vivid and life like you felt like you were there or standing behind the camera.

He has such a unique way of painting that when he doesn’t like what he has done he will simply paint over it. I’ve never heard of people painting that way. He also will draw with charcoal an outline of what he wants to paint and personally I love the way sketches look and I would probably want his original stages of painting just as much as the finished product. He said his inspiration is space as well as Renaissance paintings. He said in order to get every detail of the paintings you have to look really close. He wants his audience to get inspiration to try something new and enjoy what they’re doing. I think that’s really nice and thoughtful.

I love how personal his art is because he includes his family and people he knows which I think it takes it to a new level. Also the feeling of being there in the picture is amazing. It almost reminds me of Blue’s Clues where you can hop into a painting and that gives it a personal feeling on my level. If you want to check out his work Christopher’s instagram is @icla5350.


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