Week Thirteen – Classmate Conversation – Kelvin Japco


This week I got to know my classmate Kelvin. The reason I decided to talk to him was because my friend says that he looks like my boyfriend which I didn’t really see it but it gave me incentive to talk to him. I didn’t bring it up but I just asked my usual questions. He is from Cerritos and commutes to school. He is a second year and is undeclared. He thinks he wants to be a business major because that is what his family does. In his spare time he likes to play basketball and played for his high school team. He also likes to play golf, go to the beach, hang out with his friends, and he recently started dabbling in djing. He works at a park in Cerritos and I work at a park in Carson which got us talking about a lot of things. When I asked him if his definition of art has changed since thirteen weeks ago, he said,  before he did not really have a very large opinion on art but now his eyes have been opened to a new  world or art. Anyways a few days later I showed my boyfriend this picture because I remembered my friend said he looked like him and it just so turns out he is his cousin! Small world for sure. He is a cousin he hardly ever sees so that is why I haven’t met him yet. If you want to check out my new found future in law, his website is https://kelvinjapco.wordpress.com/.


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