Week Twelve – Classmate Conversation – Jacquelyn Tester


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jacquelyn Tester. Oddly enough we’ve lived in the same city for the greater part of our lives and never met. She is a second year nursing student and wants to be an ICU nurse and then hopefully a nurse anesthetist. She lived in Downey, which I still live in, and she moved to Buena Park. She wants to live in California her whole life and practice medicine here. She attended a private catholic school most of her life then switched to public high school in ninth grade. She described it as a culture shock going from one setting to a drastically different one. Between the sheer size and sudden choice of clothing I could imagine the feeling. She recently stopped working at Forever 21 and is looking for a job now. As I ask everyone I asked if she had animals and I would love to meet her four year old basset hound, named Layton and have a play date with my puppy. In her free time she like photography, playing guitar with her boyfriend who is helping her learn, and watching movies. The color that calms her is blue because it seems most aesthetically pleasing. Red is the color that brings the most out of her and she said it might be because it was shown to make you feel hungry and she also thought that is probably why most food places signs are red. If you want to learn more about her you should check out her website, http://jacquelyntester.co/, and she’s pretty awesome so I highly suggest you do.


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