Week Eleven – Classmate Conversation – Donna Tang


This week I had the pleasure of getting to know a little more about my classmate Donna Tang. She is originally from San Diego which is a couple hours from the school and she came to long beach to attend college. She is a fourth year who is double majoring in social work and Chinese studies. Double majoring has always sounded like such a daunting thing to me but I have come to learn it is doable. Some of her hobbies include playing guitar, boarding, biking, and reading theology books. She sounded so active to me which I can really appreciate because sometimes I can feel so lazy and I love to see people getting out and doing things. Her favorite work so far was this weeks exhibit “So Many Me’s” by Kathy Yoon. She found it to be adorable work (as do I). As for tattoos, she has one herself and found the design on pinterest so obviously she does not think you have to be involved with the creating process. She doesn’t think it needs to be unique to be awesome and that not all of us are that creative. And in my opinion, you said it sister. I feel people feel so much pressure to not have a “basic” tattoo which if it makes you happy who cares? If you want to check her out her website is donnatangblog.wordpress.com which you totally should because she is pretty awesome.


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