Week Eleven – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

IMG_6542 IMG_6543 IMG_6544

This week in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, I got to see “So Many Me’s” by Kathy Yoon. This exhibit showed many small figures that each depicted a different emotion in their own unique way. This show really brought me back to my younger days in middle school because the statues reminded me of a cartoon called “Pon and Zi”. I used to draw them all the time and that was cool. They are made of porcelain clay, white rose paper clay, underglaze, and yarn. They consist of only black, white, and some red because she felt more colors would take away from the emotions she wanted to convey.

Yoon is inspired by Tim Bourton which I totally see in her work. I think that is awesome because I love him as well. She fell in love with ceramics when she took a class in college, she was originally a math major. These type of characters allow her to convey her emotions, or the emotions of people she has met. She wants to share her personality through these figures and if people can relate to these characters she feels she accomplished what she sought out to do.

I feel Yoon should feel accomplished in her work through me because I definitely connected to it on a different level. It took me back to a younger place in my life and I felt her inspiration which also related with me. A lot of these figures were either negative or goofy which I can relate to the goofy. A couple made me giggle and I enjoyed where they took me mentally, and I feel I had a special connection with this show. You can see her stuff and check her out on instagram @kathy.c.yoon


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