Week Ten – Activity – Game Design

IMG_6499 IMG_6504

This weeks activity was fun in hindsight but definitely frustrating in practice. I started with my altoids box of fun little knick knacks and went on my marry way to the first location to look for a cache… four locations later I actually got one that was there. In total I spent a little over an hour and a half looking and searching around Downey. The second to last location was promising because of the activity feed on the app but wasp nests and the literal dozens of spiders (pictured below) made me give up after about a half hour. My last location was an extremely easy find thank god, but there was a HUGE spider to get past in order to get it. It was really fun to find and felt really satisfying after all my trials and tribulations but all the frustrating caches before burned me a little. This adult secret scavenger hunt is a great idea and I think I will still do it from time to time but I think I will take a short break after this excursion.

IMG_6502 IMG_6500

As for the posting my cache to the website I am still desperately trying but to no avail. I have tried signing in with information I know is correct, changing my sign in info, and creating an entirely new account but I think the website must be having problems. I really want my effort to be put to good use for a fellow cacher’s satisfaction. I will continue to try so my cache can participate in next weeks extra activity as well. Updates to follow.


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