Week Ten – Classmate Conversation – Serina Khoury

IMG_6095This week I had the pleasure of meeting a new classmate Serina Khoury. Here’s a little about her so you can get to know her too. She is from Redondo beach, and since I grew up around here I knew exactly where that is. She commutes but its only a fifteen minute drive thankfully. She is a second year (like me) and a human development major and hopes to become a physicians assistant. Which I have only heard good things about that career path. She has quite a few hobbies which include,watching movies, going to the beach, playing volleyball, and hanging out with her family and friends. Just based off of those few things I would already say me and her are perfectly compatible as friends. As I asked her about the art from this week and past weeks she said the childhood experience one was her favorite because it resembled her memories. I think that an artist of some thing like that would love to hear that feedback because I would assume that is what they would go for, to resonate with people on that personal level and I thought that was awesome. If Serina could go to any location she said she would go to Dubai because she happens to be a middle easterner and plans to explore the middle east and Dubai because it is such a beautiful country. If you want to check her out, which I highly suggest, her website is serinakperiody.com.


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