Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Steven Argueta


This week I got to meet Steven “Esteban” Argueta. He is from Long Beach and recently turned 19 (Happy Birthday!!!). He is a math major with a minor in film which I think is pretty cool because those are opposite ends of the spectrum. He is a second year and he really enjoys wrestling and wrestled in high school. He likes all music except for country. His two favorite shows are the Vampire Diaries and How to get Away With Murder. I’ve never watched either of these but I have heard great things about them so I need to check it out. He said wrestling changed his life and he hopes to one day coach a high school team like the one he was on. His favorite medium of art is music. He believes it is an amazing thing that everyone listens to and takes certain meanings from. He personally really enjoys Taylor Swift’s music and it, to him, is art. His website is stevenargueta.wordpress.com and you should totally check him out, he has SUPER cute dogs.


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