Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley

IMG_6312 IMG_6315 IMG_6316

This week we got to see Maccabee Shelley’s art exhibit in the gatov- west gallery. His materials used were very random and interesting. It was found materials but the most common usage was glass pulling all the random pieces together. He chose his piece by firing what he could find and picked what he liked.

The title of the show is Fragile Future which really ties into the use of breakable materials. He started as an environmental science major who just did a sculpture class as an elective. As time went on he came to realize that this became more and more his passion. He then switched to art and dropped environmental science but did not forget about it. He incorporated it in his sculptures. He said that the sculptures including the glass bottle was a scientific process. This is his third show and he just came back from three months in Italy.

I found his free spirit to be really inspiring. He is show to be the type that will do something if it benefits him for the better and for his passion, not for convenience or any other material thing. When I look at his art it makes me think of the beach, I am not sure why but I really love the beach so his art speaks to me in a positive way. As well as him inspiring me to do more, for me, which I truly appreciate. Unfortunately he does not have a website to be contacted.


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