Week 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

This week there was four of us working on this assignment. Steven who was Sam (stevoyang.wordpress.com), Donna who was Serenity (donnatang.wordpress.com), Grace Kim who was Rachel (dimasminty.com) and myself who was Mat.

The story is a love triangle, Rachel and Serenity are best friends. Rachel and Sam had feelings for eachother and started dating but they soon came to find out, Serenity also had feelings for Sam. Torn between their heart and their friendships they were at a loss of how to solve this problem. Luckily, their mutual friend Mat had secret feelings for Serenity. Seeing her feelings for Sam he wanted to respect her heart and feelings and supported her. He was there for a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen as her heart ached over Sam. He patiently waited and eventually Serenity moved on and they moved on together.

Mat is a very sweet and gentle character and is somewhat opposite of me personally because I don’t tend to keep quiet about my opinions or views. I decided to make him a twitter and vine which is liked here. Twitter: @MaTeW1T and Vine: Mat.

It was honestly really weird being someone else and posting as them on social media. I don’t think I will do something like this again because it all felt very catfishy, but it was very fun to create a story with a group and work together with these classmates.


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