Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

IMG_6208 IMG_6209 IMG_6211

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Rhiannon Aarons’ exhibit Ex Libris which I really enjoyed. The pieces looked as if they were drawings in a book. She used digital art which means it was printed. It looks almost as if it was drawn with graphite or china marker which I used to play with all the time at my moms work. The line work is very bold and simple and gives it a very old fashioned look which is a look I love.

Rhiannon started doing art around seventeen, and graduated early from high school to do it. She began by spending time with people with disabilities helping them paint. She said she was kind of inspired by everything. She ha da couple specific ones like the Clitoral Truth by Rebecca Chalker, 1800’s anatomy books, Betty Page, Gonna Reed, pagen rituals, and the natural history museum. She gravitates toward everything obscure which I can really appreciate. She is interested by how history is created. These specific pictures I have is from the serpent series which is my favorite. It depicts the serpent in the garden of Eden.

When being asked what she wants her audience to perceive form this she said that she did not want to be “preachy” which I really enjoyed. This art really resonated with me because this is something I would actually own and put up in my house. She said she just wants people to look more closely at our own world and I think that message is great. If you want to check her out for yourself her website is http://www.rhiannonaarons.com


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