Week 8 – Activity – Art Writing & Editing

This week I will be taking a look at and analyzing Anahi Ramirez’s artist conversation from week 8. Firstly, I noticed that her post is not in the format of the three paragraphs. Secondly, it is not very long and in order for you to get the real idea of the exhibit it must have some length. Thirdly, the language and wording was a tiny bit off, making the read a bit more difficult. Conceptually I found it difficult to understand where her background was from as well as the artists idea of her art. There was also confusion in the flow of the writing, it was very choppy and not very connected from sentence to sentence. What I can always appreciate is a concise and to the point piece of work and this post is definitely straight to the point. She was clear about the questions asked and what the artist answered.

As for my post I try to follow guidelines as closely as possible. I try to stick to the format as best as I can but of course it cannot be perfect. I feel that my writing style with these posts are lacking because I feel almost uncomfortable talking to an “audience” as well as writing out this type of content. I’ve never had to review art before this class and although I feel more comfortable as the weeks have gone on I think my style is still lacking. I do not know how to comfortably transition from sentence to sentence but I’m still trying to improve. I do think that I give good information and explain thoroughly what the artist has said and relate it to the art well.

For my dinner I was a very last minute night of homework so please don’t judge my quick choices.



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