Wek Seven – Classmate Conversation – Cameron Cripe

FullSizeRender (2)

This week I met Cameron Cripe, he is a classmate of mine and I actually met him through my friend who is also in the class, Noah. He is 20 and is from Santa Barbara California, which is not too far from our school. He is a junior and is studying Kinesiology and sport psychology. His interests are basically any type of music depending on his mood and water polo. He is on the club team here at CSULB and has been playing the sport for seven years now meaning he is pretty good at it. Also his favorite movie is Ferris Buellars Day Off, and if you are a fan of 80’s movies you are a friend of mine. He works as a bus boy for an Italian restaurant called La Strada. After he obtains his bachelors he plans on getting his Master’s in sports management and dreams to be an athletic director of a high school or college. If you want to check him out his website is https://cameroncripe.wordpress.com/.

P.s. His website looks pretty cool.


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