Week Seven – Artist Conversation – Jane Weidel

IMG_6136 IMG_6137 IMG_6138 This week I got to learn about Jane Weidel and got the pleasure of seeing her artwork. She is at Cal state Long Beach and had an extremely interesting and very personal inspiration for her show, she had a family member die form Alzheimer’s and it made her want to learn about the brain and how memory works. In that she found a series of old photos in her parents house and that gave her the idea to create this. There were not exactly specific pieces rather it was an entire show the would flow together but I took pictures of what stood out most to me. The materials she used in this show were very unclear to me but it was surprisingly just normal ceramics. She used it because she can shape it how she wants, just like a memory, then firing it makes it permanent just like she wants to do with her memories.

She was always a creative person, she moved away from art in her 20’s and came back to it because she missed it so much. She has been doing this specifically for about two years and started with graphic design.  What I found extremely interesting was she used a few real pieces from her childhood in the show. What she wanted the audience to gain was to reflect on your memories as well as their childhood. She said that not that long ago we were very different people and there is something in that to help us find who we are.

I do not have as personal of a connection to memory as Jane does but I do find myself seeing memory as a very pertinent subject. I have a great memory and will recall things from my childhood that no one else can, or even specific statements that someone said in a conversation the week prior. It is an amazingly interesting and deep topic which made me love this show. You can find Jane on her instagram, @janemararette.


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