Week Seven – Acticity – Ephemeral Art

IMG_6126 IMG_6130 IMG_6140 IMG_6148

This week we had to post on snapchat drawings using the feature on the app. Since the beginning of the course I was looking forward to this activity because I love using snapchat. We were supposed to follow people from our class and see drawings they post, then post a couple of our own. I followed three people and those are where I got the second two pictures. The first two are mine where the first was in astronomy which was the inspiration for the astronaut, and the second was me filling out my fantasy of being Rapunzel. I feel that the “dialogs” of Picasso and Matisse as well as the ones between Berger and Christie share a parallel with this snapchat project in that this is an artform of this generation and it is used to communicate between people. It is something we have at our fingertips to speak, draw, create, and share with others. When it comes to comparing snapchat to the instagram and periscope activities I feel they are very similar yet very different. Obviously they are all social media and ways to communicate but we use all these in different frequencies. Snapchat and instagram are among the most used social media which using these would be a regular occurrence, making these assignments easier and more comfortable. But when it comes to periscope it is newer and less commonly used, making it less comfortable. Also I feel that snapchat is very informal while instagram is taken much more seriously (speaking in broad terms of course). In the same token I cannot determine whether periscope is serious or lackadaisical, but it is just as great of a form of communication. Personally, snapchat is my favorite because it is most fun to me. The idea of sending a quick message that’s gone in a few seconds is fun because it can be as silly or as serious as you want with minimal worries. I do not use instagram as much so it was ok and for periscope, I had to create an account for the class so I do not ever really use it. I would love to have more snapchat assignments because I will definitely be using it everyday anyways.


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