Week Six – Classmate Conversation – Star Meza


This week I got to know my classmate Star Meza. She is a third year here at Cal State Long Beach majoring in recreational and leisure studies with a concentration in management. Funny enough, I found out we went to high school together but I don’t even know her. We did go to a school of over four thousand students so it would make sense to not know everybody. She played water polo in high school but does not in college but she wants to look into it. She still lives in Downey and works with the city as a teen specialist in the Parks and Recreation next to Apollo park. As I ask everyone, she sadly doesn’t have any pets which I told her she should of course get one. Her favorite colors are tiffany blue and pink which is actually funny because when we first started speaking I told her that I liked her tiffany necklace. Tiffany blue is her favorite because she loves the jewelry and she loves pink because she is really girly and that just feels really girly to her. If you would like to check her out, and I think you should, you can see her website which is starmeza.wordpress.com.


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