Week Six – Artist Interview – Alice Andreini

IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6034

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Alice Andreini. The title of the show was Site Lines in the Max l Gatov Gallery East and it was so beautifully colorful. I wish all three artists from the show were there so I could compliment them on their use of color. These paintings seemed almost unfocused visually, like when you don’t have your glasses on at first glance, but then you look closer and see the little toy soldiers and tall blades of grass and tall flowers. The long lines and perspective sizes make you feel like you are on the ground with them and the same size as these little toy soldiers.

She started painting about five years ago when a group of her friends decided to start art practices. As a part of that she starting painting. Starting out with 6×6 paintings she has since has moved onto bigger things. She had a background in theatre design giving her experience. Her major is art specifically, contemporary drawing and painting. Each piece took a different amount of time, the first taking months and the later ones taking a couple weeks. These are oil painting which is her favorite to use. These untitled works of art are extremely colorful and she had never worked with such colorful paints and designs before. The original inspiration for these pieces was connected to her moms garden where she would dig up and find little toy soldiers. She felt that these army men added a different dynamic to the space. Gardens require time, safety, money and space, which the army men gave the reminder of the needed protection. They could either threaten or protect the space which gives you two different ways of reading the art.

These paintings reminded me of my own grandmothers house because my brothers and male cousins always played with little toy soldiers like that and they would be left in her huge flower garden. It is weirdly personal for me because I was always at my grandmothers house and I was smaller then so these paintings putting you in a lower and smaller perspective really struck a cord with me. I thought the stroke marks were so beautiful and the use of color was amazingly pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, Alice does not have a website for her work but I’m sure you’ll be seeing her soon.


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