Week Six – Activity – Identity Art

IMG_6035 IMG_6042 IMG_6054 IMG_6097This week we had to use the new social media app called periscope. It is basically face timing but anyone who wants to watch, can. For this class our professor periscopes on Tuesdays so most of us are already familiar with the it. So we had to watch three classmates, three “normal periscopers, and we had to periscope for an hour total. I went through the classmates that our professor follows and followed who I knew and one of which was Grace Kim, who I wrote about a couple weeks ago. She was the first periscope I watched and she was with her friend and just walking around which I thought most broadcasts would be like. I also watched my accounting buddy San Yoon broadcast while watching videos on his laptop which I thought was funny. I randomly watched a few more throughout the weekend when the title caught my eye. As for “normal” periscopers I watched Guy Tang who is a hair stylist I know from his youtube channel. As well as two other youtubers I watch Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien Solomita. I love seeing the styles Guy creates and Jenna and Julien just crack me up, so they definitely kept me interested. Then when it came to me scoping I wasn’t exactly too interesting at first, I started by broadcasting me with my sister in the mall on her birthday. But, I think I redeemed myself with my long broadcast with the four mastiff puppies I was dog sitting this weekend. Honestly, it was a little stressful to video your life when you think that you don’t have many interesting things to put out there, as well as not being used to doing it. When comparing it to the Instagram activity it was completely different. The only commonality was that they are both social media sites. I think that periscope is a good way to directly speak with people and get ideas across or simply chatting it up. What I think is most helpful is the direct chat the viewers can type into so there is immediate clarification.  Overall, I think periscope is a great way to communicate but only if youre comforatbl with that method or actually have something to show.


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