Week 5 – Activity – Ethonography

IMG_5969This week I had to spend a night without electricity and it was actually pretty great. I decided to spend it in my room. (For my picture I decided to not clean up because it is a 50/50 chance my bed will be made and I did not want to give a misrepresentation. This day it was unmade.) The reason I chose to spend it in my room was because I am not the only person who lives in my house and rather than subjecting them to my solitude I just spent this time away from them. I spend almost every night with my boyfriend so I let him know ahead of time what we would be doing and he decided to prepare by packing my room with food. So once the sun went down we shut off my light, lit the candles I have in my room (which surprisingly gave of a lot of light) and just started talking about how much it would have sucked to have no electronics. We naturally have great conversation so there was no problem with just entertaining each other. We laughed and snacked and just had a normal time is was just less bright. It gets dark kind of late this time of year and I was very tired so my boyfriend went home a few hours into the darkness and I went to sleep. It was not very exciting to explain but in the situation it was pretty fun. Having to do this every night on the other hand, would not happen. People who had to do this every night did not even know what they were missing out on or have the obligations we do today, such as, working on homework late, or using an alarm clock to wake up for the opening shift at work. Times evolve for a reason and it would only hinder us to take away our advances. That being said I would maybe do this again here and there but it would not be an every night thing.


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