Week Four – Artist Conversation – David Mendoza

This week I visited David Mendoza’s show “Disquieting” in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. The pieces in these show were extremely freaky which is completely my speed. He created these works of art based on fear, and being the horror fan that I am, I loved it. I did not get to find out what materials he used but it is some type of paint. The bright color he uses I think is so interesting because when you think of nightmares you usually think dark and dreary but these bright colors are somehow perfect for the creepy feel. He also paints some type of light source into most of his paintings which also doesn’t seem like something that would be found in a scary themed art piece. It makes the blending of the colors flow so well because where the light hits will be a bright color and where the shadow is will be another bright color. I think these pieces are beyond awesome, especially with the concepts.

When I first walked into the exhibit the paintings were numbered and I was drawn to number seven. I spoke with David and he said that when he started painting these he wanted to explore the realm of fear because of his exposure to scary movies. Which of course made me ask what his favorite horror movie is and its The Shining (great pick). I then asked him about seven which is titled “Last Lullaby” and David said that was specifically about nightmares so it has a hour glass of sand showing the sand man among other creep things. The other pieces are based off of fears specific to him. Number six, or “Deadlights”, was based off of a book he read. Number four, or “The Unfathomable Indisposition of Eros”, was based off of a fear of intimacy so it has baby heads representing cupid. This is an amazing way of making it feel personal but not at all because you see his fears but everyone has these so it isn’t him alone . This makes it relatable to people and personally, I would love to have one of these for my house.

I absolutely adore these paintings and already think that this will be my favorite exhibit of the semester. I am a huge horror fan and have been since I could remember. With having that background these paintings resonated with me in a way they only could with fellow horror enthusiasts. I don’t necessarily share the same fears as him but I love to see other people’s explanation of their types of fears. I believe even the same type of fears are different with every individual and it fascinates me to hear about them. I wish he had a website so I could keep up to date with his art but he does have a Facebook page if anyone else wants to see what he might post related to his art. His page is David De Mendoza and I highly recommend you check him out because I am so glad I was able to see his work and I want other to as well. IMG_5806 IMG_5801 IMG_5800 IMG_5799


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