Week Four – Classamte Conversation – Grace Kim


This week I got to know my classmate Grace Kim and I thought I would introduce her to you. She is in her last semester at Cal State Long Beach and her major is Chinese. This actually shocked me a little because I don’t know many people who major in one language and I cant even imagine how in-depth those upper division classes get. She plans to study for her master’s in China and even went last summer to study in Shanghai. She said it is totally different here than there because there it’s the mother language. I asked her if she feels like she’s fluent and she said that in order to be conversational and get around in day to day life you need to know about fifty thousand characters, she knows a few thousand. Even a few thousand blows my mind and I could not imagine learning a language that doesn’t have an alphabet so go Grace! I asked her, as I ask everyone, if she had any pets and she sadly said no but she did have a cat once but she had to give her away because she wasn’t allowed to have her where she was living. Grace honestly was so nice since the second I started talking to her so I very much look forward to getting to know her this semester. If you want to check her out her website is dimasminty.com and I highly recommend it, she seems like she’s going to be doing some very interesting things in her life.


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