Week three – Classmate Conversation – Chris Schuaimer

IMG_5717This week I was able to speak to my classmate Chris Schuaimer. He is nineteen years old and a second year here at CSULB. His major is health science and he wants to become an x-ray technician which I thought was awesome. We didn’t have much time to talk but with what we did say I enjoyed getting to know him. He is from Palm Springs and plays on our soccer team. I had never met anyone on the soccer team so I was pretty curious about it but we mostly talked about how this ridiculous heat reminds him of home. Cal state long beach was not his first choice of school, his firsts were UCI or San Diego but he still enjoys it here. My favorite part of the convo was when we talked about his dogs. He has a toy poodle shitzsu mix and a pit bull great dane mix and I LOVE animals so we spoke about our pets. Although this conversation was brief I got to know a bit about him and I think I found a sitting buddy for class and that is always a plus. If you want to see his stuff his url is chrisschuaimer.wordpress.com I think you’ll like what he has to say.


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