Week Three – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

This week I had the pleasure of viewing Nick Bamford’s untitled show in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. These sculptures he created were unlike any I have seen before. These sculptures were made out of cement, plaster, and stabilized clay. He said he used this because it is difficult to work with and he wanted a challenge. This gave them a very uneven and unfinished look. Not one sculpture had the same texture throughout the whole piece. The cement made them look very stiff and textured while the other random materials made it different throughout. In my favorite sculpture of the hand there was even a bicycle tire which I loved.

His first sculpture was the hand coincidentally and he choose it because of how expressive it is and how difficult it is to do. All of his posts were untitled as well as the show which I thought was very interesting. It took him about two days to do each piece and his favorites were the jumping figure and the guitar guy. He wanted to make these and start creating art because he wanted to fill empty space. As he eloquently put it he wanted to create a claustrophobic space. He hadn’t really done art before and in my opinion this was a bold and successful start. Gladly, he plans to continue this creative path and I look forward to seeing his future works.

I found it very refreshing how unguided his path and vision was with these works. It left it very open to interpretation as well as showed what I think is the new way of art. More often, today’s artists are lackadaisical and carefree. They create without worry of the vision or end product and just do. These sculptures made my mind flood with references, rather than trying to understand these pieces I was reminded of things. For example, the hand made me think of the giant hand of the gods at the end of the movie Cabin in the Woods. I can’t really say I got the artists focus because he did not really have one but I think it did what it was supposed to do which was open my mind to many things and ideas.

If you want to see his works or contact him, Nick’s instagram is @nickbam4dIMG_5702 IMG_5703 IMG_5707 IMG_5709


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