Week Three Activity – Social Photography

IMG_5730 IMG_5731 IMG_5732This week our activity was to post a minimum of four pictures of our liking on instagram throughout our day. Since I hardly post and I did not want to spam my followers I posted just the four. Every picture that was uploaded had the hashtag art110f15 which allowed us to see everyone else’s posts easily. When looking at everyone’s posts I did not expect to find a big sense of community. Being college students we design our own schedules and all have our own separate lives with one common factor being this class. Other than the common posts of the art we went as a class to see that day, there was not a lot of likeness. There were a few posts of animals (which were my personal favorite), a few at school, and then of course, the selfies. Of these select commonalities there was not very many similarities in the feed which was nice because it made it more interesting to look through. I picked a couple of my favorites and surprise they’re both of animals. I also picked my favorite one that I posted, it was a spur of the moment picture of my sister and it made me laugh and I hope others did too.


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