Week Two Activity – Plaster Casting

This week I made a mold of my hand out of sand and casted it with plaster. I was unable to attend the group beach event so I had to get creative on how I was going to make this mold. Since I have never done anything like this before, I went to home depot, bought sand, and found the most appropriate sized container. In hindsight I wish I had gotten a bigger container because it would have been much easier not to crack the mold but overall I was proud with the outcome. It took a while to get the right amount of dampness in the sand but after placing my hand into the box and pressing the sand around it multiple times, the sand started to hold. My only major issue was that I could not have the sand pressed very high on my hand because when I would pull it out it would crack every time. Once I kept the sand further away from my wrist I was able to take my hand out with minimal damage (hence the large flat surface at the bottom of my casted hand). The time between pulling my hand out and mixing the plaster and pouring it I was very intense because I was worried it would collapse the whole time. To my luck, it poured fine and after I was able to dig it out I had something I had never seen myself making before. With all of my left over supplies it would be so much fun to mold different things and cast them as well as get other people involved with me. Who wouldn’t want an extra hand or foot lying around? This definitely gave me a different perspective on precision and patience, also there isn’t much more fun than playing in sand.


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