Hello World!


Hey everybody!

My name is Alissabeth Swisher and I am nineteen years old. I go to Cal State Long Beach and I am a second year business major. I’m hoping to attend law school after a get my business degree. Even though business is not as popular of a major to feed into law school like political science or history, I felt that it fit me much better. I am very determined to finish my bachelors degree in four years which has become more and more less likely to happen among students of today so I take a minimum of 60 units a year (I know i’m trying to kill myself but lucky enough i’m still here). I work part-time at a sports complex in Carson and I would say it’s an amazing job for a student because they are so lenient with scheduling. In my spare time when i’m not doing homework I try my hardest to spend time with friends and family which is sometimes hard to balance everything but I get by. I love to hike, kayak, and read but with life lately that has not been at the top of the priority list haha. I am somehow always busy with my family being huge, my boyfriends family being bigger, and having a quite few close friends there isn’t a day that i’m not supposed to be going to some get together or going somewhere. That is basically the biggest struggle right now to me, which I guess isn’t a bad one to have, but balancing time between so many people isn’t easy with a changing schedule. Anyways, haha that somehow become off putting… essentially i’m just an easygoing and friendly person so if you see me come up and say hi I love making new friends and meeting new people!


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